Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feb. 9th Sat. Eve. Sweetheart’s Banquet

The Church’s resident chef Leonard Armstrong went all out for this banquet designed to celebrate love between men and woman at this time of year near Valentines Day.

Below is the menu for the dinner. Before the actual dinner was served we were treated to a lime raspberry punch, and a wonderful decorative array of hors d’oeuvre, including a smoked salmon pate, mini bacon spinach quiche, egg salad w/ bacon on baked wontons, and salmon asparagus and potato cake canapés, and a colorful variety of crudités with dips.

Dinner menu:
Len’s Cauliflower Bavarian plated salad
Roast round beef
Country Style mashed potatoes w/gravy
Roasted carrots w/ butter & basil
Bread du jour w/ butter

After the excellent dinner in a beautifully decorated dining room, we went upstairs and enjoyed a humorous rendition of Brad and Brooke’s first date, Eric Borndal acting as waiter, Brad and Brooke representing themselves.
Chuck Vanderscheuren treated us to three love songs from the fifties, Welcome to my World by Eddy Arnold, Four Walls by Jim Reeves, and When I Fall in Love by Nat King Cole, all accompanied by Darlene.

Brad shared thoughts on marriage and intimacy, telling us to take away three mental images. 1. To keep the fires of your love warm add logs of courtesy. 2. Think of a giant Pearl Pink eraser such as you used in school to remind you of the need for forgiving one another. 3. Servant robes, serve each other in love.

We concluded by going down for yet more food, the dessert bar. After all, this was a banquet! We chose from two types of cheesecake, an apple cake, a cream cherry dessert, and pear clafouti. A giant THANK YOU to Leonard for all the planning and fantastic cooking!

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