Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bonfire @ Borndals

To help kick off a new season of activities at New Life Covenant, the Borndals invited us all to their home for a bonfire cookout and pot luck. It was a very special time. The Borndals has a large yard in which the youth of all ages could release energy and enjoy the fresh country air, playing games and just being free.

The fire pit was attentively maintained and the Borndals were wonderfully warm and attentive hosts for all who were able to be present.

I, your faithful blog keeper, have been a bit under the weather these last few days and wasn't sure if I'd make it tonight. Alas, I was finally unable to keep myself away and decided to bring my camera to document a small portion of the later evening. And I was glad that I did. As I was leaving I felt so nourished by the warmth of our church family. We are truly blessed that in a world of so much sorrow and pain we are not forced to travel life's roads alone. We are part of a fellowship. We are connected to others whose strength can support us when we have no strength to go on.

Tonight, despite feeling run down, I felt lifted up. The warmth and the energy of love flowing from so many good hearted people is a source of empowerment and soul nourishment that we can often take for granted.

What a blessing and a privilege to be part of this church family. Here are some photos from tonight's gathering.

By clicking on the images they can be enlarged.

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