Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Day Message on Sexuality

Today’s sermon was on the somewhat difficult and sensitive topic of our sexuality. Of all addictions, sexual addictions are the most prominent world wide. Everyone, every family has is some way or another been touched or troubled by the pain caused by it. Pornography is a billion dollar industry. More Internet sites are devoted to sex than any other subject. Sex has been used more than any other subject to sell every sort of product.

Prostitution has been referred to as the world’s oldest profession.

No hurt is so deep in a person as is one of a sexual violation, no scars as difficult to overcome as those of sexual molestation.

Because of the overvaluing of sexual attraction in our culture girls go to extremes to make themselves attractive, even so far as starving themselves. Powerful and smart people have ruined their reputations for sexual gratification. Why does sex have this power over us? How is it that it creates all the many feelings of longing, power, guilt, shame, hope, joy and remorse?

It is because sex deeply involves not just our bodies but our souls, our bodies and our souls are connected and intertwined. We are not created as a soul wrapped around with a disposable body. What happens in our body is intricately linked to our soul.

People both in America other countries and cultures have varying feelings about “personal space” but if we do not like a person, we do not want them close to our body either. When we connect spiritually to a person we express it in physical words such as “he moved me” or “touched me”.

God loves the idea of oneness. God is one in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
God created us in his own image, male and female. The capacity for oneness IS His image. Adam was created first but was lonely. God created Eve who was similar to him but different. In becoming one flesh they were enacting with their bodies the oneness of their souls.

So what’s the big deal with sexuality anyways? Isn’t it just our DNA that’s programmed, or just a biological need? No, it’s an expression of the longing of your soul. It’s saying “I don’t want to be alone, I was made for connection. G.K. Chesterton said that every man knocking on the door of a brothel is looking for God. Sex is a spiritual experience whether we acknowledge it or not. Engaging in sex without the soul permanent marriage commitment is giving away pert of your soul. You leave little pieces of your soul and your wholeness every time you have sex with someone.

The body was designed by God and for God, not for immorality. God created sex and is not opposed to it but it is reserved for the husband and wife in the bonds of marriage.

When a person has been illegitimately involved sexually they pay a price. They can be haunted by past memories, but also their spouse or children and others in their community are affected by it.

People say, “what’s the big deal about a marriage certificate, it’s just a piece of paper." Try saying that about other documents. How about on payday when you ask for your check and your boss says. “What’s the big deal? It’s only a piece of paper!” How about after you’ve worked to get through school and they tell you that you won’t get a diploma, after all it’s only a piece of paper, right? What if you got a traffic ticket and tore it up in front of the officer, saying it was only a piece of paper. The argument is silly and unreal. Marriage is a promise and a vow, an act of self giving. It makes life for children and for all citizens of a country stable.

If people are violating God’s intent and so not experiencing pain and guilt it is because they are in denial. It is like putting your tongue on metal in the winter, pulling it off and walking away claiming that you are not hurt. If you are not hurt it is because you have destroyed the nerve endings in your tongue. You have become dulled in your sensitivity.

Honor the marriage you might one day be in, or the one that you are in now.

God will restore souls. If yours has been broken by abuse, affairs or addictions God can restore you. But let us live to honor God with both our bodies and our souls.

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