Sunday, April 3, 2011

What’s Your One Step?

This morning we had with us a special guest, Karl Peterson, Covenant missionary to Mexico. Despite the dreariness outside, in part due to yet another late snow, the sanctuary is filled with a bright vibrancy as we prepare for worship.

We’re conducting a series of four meetings addressing aspects of the facilities, the first this afternoon at 4:00-6:00 and the second tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m.

Next week will be our semi-annual meeting, which will include inducting new members to the council and a proposal regarding a new constitution.

Tuesday, women’s Bible study here. They will be watching a video “How Great Is Our God.”

Darlene opened our time of worship with a beautiful introit. Brad shared a psalm then led us in Shout to the North and several other songs.

The children were invited to the front to participate in demonstrating a truth about missions. One of the children was placed in the center of a Mexican blanket. Several others took hold of the corners to lift the blanket and carry the boy to the back of the sanctuary. Each one represented the various kinds of support missionaries need, from prayer to financial and practical resources. Mission work is a team effort.

Today’s Scripture reading was from Acts 8:26-40.

Karl’s dad was Bill Peterson who wrote a book of prayer that Brad reads from time to time. Brad read one of the prayers from the book and then prayed for Karl before leading the congregational prayer.

What’s Your One Step

Karl Peterson shared a message that he and his wife Sue have been sharing with the Covenant churches where they have been speaking while on furlough. The Petersons, who are currently staying in Hutchinson, are serving in Mexico City in the central district of Mexico where there are 18 Covenant churches.

“We see our work as incarnational. For some people, we might be the only Christians they will ever see.” Karl spent a several minutes sharing various ways Karl and Sue have been living out their faith through relationships, through participating in the Posada celebration at Christmas, and in other ways of serving.

Like the story of Philip from our Scripture reading, you have to listen to God and then go be with people.

A second aspect of ministry is proclamational. Karl shared examples of how some of the leaders in their church circle go about ministering and building new congregations, church planting.

He shared a concept called 3x3x3 in which church members set their cell phones each day as a reminder to pray for three minutes about three things: Unity, Planting new churches and a Seminary for training for new leaders, an important need.

A third facet of their ministry is relational, which was illustrated in a story about a young woman who was led into their lives in an unusual way, and ultimately came to be a follower of Christ. Another story was told about a woman who was being discipled by telephone every Thursday because of the impracticability of travel in Mexico City.

Karl closed by asking, "Who is God calling you to be incarnational, proclamational or relational with this week to lead them to God?"

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