Sunday, August 5, 2012

Note: Your faithful New Life Covenant blogger was late to church today and missed Brad's every warm welcome and introductory comments. This blog entry begins with announcements. 

Sept 9 there will be a scaled back Rally Day. Mark your calendars. The service will be at Twig Town Hall as in year's past.

Walt Cresman gave us an update on the building project and the capital campaign. Next they will be evaluating where a well can go in and the manner in which the building will be set out on the land. Walt summarized the church's financial picture and asked, "Are we able to generate additional funds in order to make this happen?"

Sept 9 will be Elsa’s last Sunday, and she will be missed.

The transition into worship: a violin and piano duet by Darlene and her brother. 

After time of worship Elsa shared a slide show of photos and video from the recent CHIC trip this summer. Five of the seven youth who went were present and shared highlights. They were Janzen, Taylor, Grant, Luke and Levi.

Janzen shared with us five key questions that were central to the week and really spoke to her.
Who are you looking for?
Who do you say that I am?
Do you love Me?
Do you want to be made whole?
Who should I send?

Levi shared his experience of how a white flag that was used as a symbol of surrender. Seeing so many kids surrendering with their white flags made him realize that God was so much bigger than just the words he once used.

Rick shared how impressive the positive day in and day out experience was. 
Elsa said she was challenged on two levels, the lessons from the teaching and the epxerience of watching the kids grow. Elsa asked us to keep praying for these kids that they would build on the lessons learned at CHIC

Back to Basics

It’s important for us to be reminded of why we do what we do. Brad began by mentioning an ad that he saw lately which said, “Must Have” Must Haves. There are all kinds of "must haves" in life. Employers have Must Have lists (minimum requirements), grads have Must Have lists… men and women have Must Have lists when dating.

What are the Must Haves in our relationship with Jesus. What is essential to our identity as Christians? Core believes… Saved through Faith alone. Saved by Christ alone. Sola Scriptura

Salvation through Christ alone. Healing through Christ alone.

To many people the claim that "Jesus is the only way" sounds arrogant and narrow minded. The church has not said this for 2000 years out of smugness. Only Jesus is fully God and fully human. God loves us enough to become one of us….

Only Jesus led a sinless life. Jesus didn’t gossip. He wasn’t greedy. He did not take advantage of other people According to GK Chesterton, "Sin is the only theological concept that can be 100% proven."

Here's an interesting notion that Bard shared: "The religion you choose will be based on the problem that you think that you have."

Only Jesus was raised from the dead. In the first century there were numerous people who believed could have been Messiah. All of them died… but only one rose from the dead. When Jesus died they may initially have thought it was the same old song. But then, He rose again.’

Paul noted that there were hundreds who saw Him resurrected… "and if you don’t believe me you can check it out because they are still alive."

After, they called Him Lord Jesus.

Brad told a story about playing King of the Hill on a diving raft… There can only be one King of the Mountain. And there is but one Lord. This is not just a doctrinal statement.

If Jesus is Lord and king, it raises challenges for us. Do I give Him control of my relationships? My finances? My life? 

Sometimes we lose sight of why we’re here.

Only Jesus offers us a relationship with a loving God. Jesus is not just a God whom we must find. He comes to find us. Jesus wants to find you so He can say I love you."Behold, I stand at the door and knock..."

Will you let Him in? Only you can decide if he will be Lord of your life.

The service ended with our celebration of the Lord's Supper.

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