Friday, April 19, 2013

Too Much White?

An Art Article by Susie

My fourteen year old friend Hannah contends that even though it is all white outside it must not be colorless, as white is all colors combined. Well, ask a scientist about that. But as far as I am concerned anything white makes a good background and a huge temptation for me to go get the paints. A plain white shirt? Let’s spatter paint! White dish towels? Find the tie dyes! Too much white snow? Get out the food coloring, make it into art! Too many white walls? We got the Adventure Club kids together with some oil crayons and bright water colors. Then Susie added some of her dyed goose feathers and voilá! The church sanctuary walls have some color and cheer!

Another project Adventure club kids did recently was clay/dough made from white flour and white salt. We rolled and cut out various shapes then baked them. The kids colored them with Sharpies. I LOVE Sharpies! We added a colorful ribbon and some dragon’s blood. (really!) Ask the kids about dragon’s blood.

But Adventure Club art projects just were not quite enough to satisfy my art hungry soul, thus Girls Art Club was created in February. This is a group of girls between the ages of 9 and 14, and any moms or other women who might like to join the fun. We are meeting once a month after church on Sunday. There may be a small fee charged per person doing the project to help cover costs of materials. If this group seems to fit your interests please join us! The next one will be meeting on May 5th. Please call or email me, Susie Newman, (see church directory) beforehand so I can be sure to have enough materials ready.

Fair warning: if you are seen in plain white around the church, watch out for Susie and those Sharpies!

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