Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catch the Wave

As we entered the sanctuary this past Sunday two surfboards immediately caught our attention. Pastor Brad wore a colorful short-sleeved shirt in the style of a Hawaiian beachcomber, or Southern Cal surf city resident. In addition to being Pentecost Sunday, this was also a kickoff for the Wave Campaign.

Brad talked about Jesus being our source of Living Water, and talked a bit about the nature of waves (persistent, powerful and dynamic) as well as what surfing is about. Paul himself was a wave-rider of sorts. The Holy Spirit generated his waves, and he rode them wherever the Spirit led.

One place Paul's waves took him to was Philippi. Here in this remote place he established a church. Later, when he was imprisoned in Rome he wrote a letter to this early church, encouraging them to ride the wave. Pastor Brad shared a portion of this beginning with Phil. 1:18 ff.

Courage does not mean absence of fear. It means doing what we're called to in spite of our fears. Brad asked, "What is God's wave for you?" His answer: "Where your greatest joy meets the world's greatest need."

The service included a number of testimonies from several multi-generational member families including the Anderson/Mahle clan, the Vanderscheuren clan, and the Eliason/Smith clan. Duayne Anderson provided an enthusiastic update on the status of our capital campaign. Bottom line: we're well on our way.

On June 8 we'll be meeting across the road for a special event. Things are moving because the Spirit is moving. Everyone is invited, encouraged to get on board and catch a wave.

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