Sunday, August 18, 2013


Clearing the land.
We gathered this morning on one of the most beautiful summer weekends in memory to celebrate the 13th Sunday after Pentecost. Pastor Brad welcomed us warmly, stating that today's message would be about "what's most important." His message would be taken from a passage in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

Announcements first.
Joanne noted that the new Sunday School season is fast approaching and that in order for us to better know what the needs were for materials and teachers it would good if everyone could sign up in the rear of the sanctuary, the number of children they have an their ages.
This past couple years Gwen spoke about how the acronym GROW was our watchword for the mission of our Sunday school program.
G -- God's Word
R -- Relationships
O -- Obedient Living
W -- Worship
Also, next Saturday morning we're having a "clean out" day to prepare the classrooms for this coming school year.
Gail reminded us of next Saturday's Fish Fry Fund Raiser which will be Saturday afternoon from 1 - 4 p.m. (or until the food is gone) here at the church. After the service today Ken fried up samples and, oh my oh my, they were tasty. A special thank you Ken, Gail and Gordy's Hi-Hat for today's treat. The best is yet to come.
Janzyn shared about an event some of our youth attended called "Feed My Starving Children" in the Twin Cities. Essentially everyone helped package healthy food for starving children in other parts of the world, in this case for children in the Philippines. Over 14,000 meals were assembled.

John and Nancy Peyton became members today. Welcome to our church family. (smile)
After a time of worship, the offering and prayer Brad took the podium to give the message.


Brad began by noting that we all tend to operate under the illusion that we are each in control of our lives.

His message would be built around the important theme of priorities. All of us have known times when our lives were simply too full with commitments, and even the basic responsibilities of brushing teeth, flossing, getting enough sleep, exercising, working and everything else we wish to accomplish. Our lives are full, no question about it... so full, in fact, that what ends up on the back burner is our relationship to God.

Brad illustrated this by having a large bag of rice poured into a somewhat small jar. The rice represented our activities and commitments. The problem is this: we only have 24 hours in a day, but we have way more rice to put into that jar which represents one day of life. If you live 75 years you will have less than 30,000 jars (days) of life to fill. How will you fill your jars?

The message drew upon the passage from Matthew 6:25-34.  What does this passage mean?

1) Transformation.
First off, God is desirous to transform us. To do this we need to set aside time to me alone with God.

2) Love
We are to be exemplars of God's love.

3) Calling
Our calling is to get in the game. Use the gifts you have been given and make a difference.

4) Joy
Set aside your worries. Discover anew the joy of God's presence in your lives.

As for the troubles of life, Jesus offers this advice. Don't worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will have enough trouble of its own. Take each day on its own. Trust God about the morrow. And trust God with today as well. "His mercies are new every morning.

Below: A current progress report in photos.

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