Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Conversation

"Good morning!" Brad welcomed us, and then said that this morning he will deviate from the planned message to continue a discussion that had taken place in Sunday school previous to the service. The parking lot was filling up quite early as there were many here for Kristina and Jon Vanderscheuren's baby shower after the service.

~ Walt thanked everyone who has done so much work in the new building. The outside doors are now installed which enables them to lock the doors. Currently they are putting up the tongue-and-groove ceiling. Other projects will be coming up soon.
~ Walt also noted that on Friday the 23rd all who would like to be involved in celebrating Brad and Brooke's anniversary January 23 at the Pickwick. Contact Walt for details.

Darlene ushered us into worship by playing Great Is Thy Faithfulness. After a time of singing, the offering was taken and a time of prayer ensued.

A Conversation

We want to be a community of people seeking to grow, deeper in
Christ and broader in mission. We want to do this in an embracing way.

Brad shared how when he was young there was a joyful, passionate community devoted to water skiing. They loved being in the water. They supported one another and encouraged one another. Always pushing them forward with a spirit of gladness. That is what I would like to see happen here.

After many conversations with people here this week, he felt a desire to discuss how to move us to a greater life experience through Christ. We're in this together.

Brad asked, "What words would you use to describe someone else's spiritual life?" No one answered, so Brad shared the one thing Jesus said that mattered: "Follow Me."

It's not about being perfect. No one can be perfect. And you can't compare to others. It's all just simply following Jesus.

We read Luke 5:1-11 and discussed the meaning of being a follower. There is a difference between a follower and a fan or admirer.

Brad asked us, "What is the difference?" Different people spoke up.  Trust. Willingness to be inconvenienced for the Gospel. Cheering versus doing.

The disciples, when they encountered Jesus, were asked to leave everything... and they did. Could you do that?

One reason people don't make a deeper commitment to their faith is that they have questions. This is O.K., but if you go your whole life without actually making an effort to have your questions answered, then what? Brad's desire is to see us spur one another on and not allow us to stagnate.

The passage begins with Peter, a fisherman, washing his nets after a night on the lake. Jesus then urges Peter to put the boat out into the deep water and let down his nets. Peter obeys and there are so many fish he needs help from some other fisherman to pull them in.

How do you apply this to your life? In this instance Peter was always fishing, but it turned out differently when Peter did it Jesus' way. Perhaps it could be the way we handle money. Or things. Or relationships.

Until you trust enough to bring Him into your daily life, you will never experience that abundance He longs to give us.

Ultimately Jesus invited Peter to be a fisher of men. Leaving everything was not so difficult because he was already in the habit of obeying.

How is your walk?

We're on a journey together to discover what it means to follow Jesus.

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