Sunday, March 5, 2017

Valuing the Most Valuable

Chuck Vanderscheuren welcomed us this morning and encouraged us to note the announcements. There is a lot happening here.

The Worship Committee is seeking people to help usher, greet and help in other ways during the service.
We are also looking for people to help in small skits and readings during the service. Volunteers should contact Cheryl Borndal.
This Friday is a game night here at the church. Bring a friend. Bring a snack to share. Bring a fave game or puzzle. And most of all, bring yourself! Hope to see you here, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Ladies Bible Study, Tuesday from 10 a.m. till Noon here at the church.
Faith In Fabrics this Saturday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.. They will be busy making potholders, aprons and other necessities for camp this Saturday. Bring a sack lunch and something to share. Contact Darlene.
Camp brochures are printed and available. The rates have changed so note that. The church does have a camp scholarship fund to assist.

Chuck read to us from Psalm 42 before we entered into worship. We then sang a trio of songs and hymns from the blue hymnal. During the offering that followed a young violinist serenaded us with a rendition of I'll Fly Away.

Cheryl invited us to share our prayers requests and praises as we entered into a time of prayer.

Valuing the Most Valuable

Pastor Terry White began with a greeting and then made a additional few remarks about camp.

He told an interesting learning experience he had on Ash Wednesday. When you mix ashes and water and let it sit it makes lye, which will burn you. Experienced pastors know that you have to add oil to the mixture in order to restrain this chemical reaction.

The message today is from II Timothy 2:14-19. Before reading the passage Terry began by affirming that when all is said and done, God loves you very much.

The passage today has a matter of importance related to sorting. Many of us are good at sorting and enjoyed sorting baseball cards in various ways when we were young. In this passage Paul talks about sorting what is important from what is irrelevant, sorting truth from that which is incorrect.

He read from a book by Rich Mullins. The passage outlined a variety of ways we handle the Word. It begins, "The Bible is a very great book, the written witness of God and His Word... " You can read the whole of it here.

What are the things that really matter? What are the things that are most important?

A lot of times we quarrel about some things that are seemingly so important to us but to people outside the church seem really insignificant. In countries where there is persecution taking place people are not too concerned about whether the earth is old or young.

Paul encourages Timothy to handle the Word like proven workmen who do things right. Have you ever seen work that was done by contractors or carpenters who do work that they ought to be ashamed of? What often happens is more than mere incompetence. People are in a hurry, or maybe just don't care.

What's important is not your titles and degrees but the way you live your life.

Paul then points out that bad teaching will spread like gangrene. How we handle the Word is important. When all is said and done, these two things are important. (1) The Lord knows who are His, and (2) the invitation is for us to walk uprightly, to do what God asks of us.

The Bible is important and what is essential is that we boil things down to what really matter.

Terry pointed out that what's important is not what we think we know about the Bible, but what we are as people, and who we are becoming under its influence.

After the message we recited the Apostles' Creed and shared Communion.

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